Sunday, April 20, 2008

It Isn't Over Yet

In more ways than one.

The Caps did what they had to do - they played hard, won Game 5 and avoided elimination. They were physical. They were well-positioned. They were opportunistic. They were, for forty minutes at least, a dominant playoff team.

That's step one.

Step two comes tomorrow night in Philly where an orange-clad crowd would like nothing more than to watch their boys land the knockout punch. Step two is no less of a "must-win" situation, it's no less pressure packed, and it's no less difficult.

We'll consider this an open thread on this lazy non-hockey Sunday. Feel free to leave your thoughts on last night's game, your predictions for Game 6, your best Passover recipes, etc.

We get back down to business tomorrow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am really happy in two ways:
1. The caps won and kept themselves alive.
2. The sound on NBC was messed up so I heard the crowd instead of the announcers. Yessssss.
Last night was a hard game. The caps dominated through 40 minutes but it seems like they slack off waaay too soon. It's like they're playing a "defend lead" playstyle when they are up by two with ten minutes to go. They shouldn't be slacking off that soon. The caps need to play the whole sixty minutes with the intensity we saw in the first two periods last night. If they keep the intensity up, I believe they can win the next two games. Lets go caps!!!!!