Saturday, April 05, 2008

Destiny In Our Hands

I was going to do a normal gameday preview, but somehow with this latest turn of events the usual frivolities seem to fall a little short - so we'll keep it simple.

Last game. Last chance. Everything boils down to this one night. Win or get a point, and we're in; lose in regulation and we're out.
It feels like the last 6 months have been leading up to this one moment, this one game. Everything this team has worked for - climbing out of the giant hole they created early on, stringing together longer winning streaks, improving defensively, adding key players in key positions - all for this one night. It's time to find out if this is truly a team of destiny.

After one of the most improbable runs...after a stunning season from the franchise's face, future and cornerpiece...after a year filled with more ups and downs then we can count...control now rests in DC.

Wear your red. Bring your voices. Let them hear you.

Let's get this done.


CapfaninMiss said...

We are life long die hard fans of the caps, all the way down here in the deep south (mississippi). We made the trip a couple of weeks ago to Atlanta to watch them and that awesume come back. We will be wearing our red....watching tonight on the satelite! LET GO CAPS!!

dmg said...

To be in control of their own destiny is all a team ever asks for; a team that's gone through what the Caps have this season will appreciate it even more. Something tells me they won't squander the opportunity.

CheGordito said...

Here's a Habs fan hoping the Caps win! (I'll cheer for them and Huet until they face Montreal.)

Shelby said...

I'll be there tonight. It's finally our time and this town is ready for it. Now all we have to do is win....easy enough, right?

Dan, Jr. said...

The Cap's have at times been frustrating or even scary to watch earlier in the season. But, they're almost always the most exciting to watch.

Now they're on a roll. I'm not going to try to guess how far they will go, yet. To be honest, I'm proud of them whatever happens. But, I do believe Mr. Destiny and the boys will "get 'er done" tonight.

usually frustrated caps fan said...

All I can say is indeed LETS GO CAP-IT-TALS - LETS GO CAPS!!!!!!! Get 'er done! I've got a feeling this - is - going - to - be - good

DS said...

And hey, CC, just think, if they make it, you've got a guaranteed two rounds of Penguin-free hockey!!

-But seriously, this is a team that was left for dead and broke people's hearts less than a month ago, and to be where they are now is damn impressive and really, really, special, make it or not.

And CC, since you've given more of your life to the Caps than any of the players or organizational people, I think that you deserve this even more than they do.

Here's to the Caps; long may they resemble a winning and fan-crazed team.

Victor said...