Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Little Pre-Game Journey

Okay, so you've checked out what the Canes are doing to prepare and it's time to get yourself ready to go.

What better way to get the blood pumping than with the (un)official theme song of the 2007-08 Washington Capitals? Illustrated with a few select images, of course, and compiled lovingly and painstakingly by yours truly.

...no, no. Hold your applause.

Time to get pumped up, Caps fans - and remember, don't stop believing!


Dan, Jr. said...

Fantastic! I'd like to see it played on the big screen at Verizon Center. Good job getting pretty much everybody in there. Glad you didn't forget Johnny, or make it all Ovie.

Biff said...

I'm a little mad that this is now the unofficial theme song for the 07-08 season, on account of it was already my unofficial theme song for something else entirely.

Now I don't know what to think when I hear it.

Also, well done ma'am.

TJ said...

Nice, put together pretty good.

ds said...

If I tell you that's the Penguins' song (as well as Vinny and Marty's), will you give it back? ;P

Though we won that game. At home. Against the Canes. 4-1. ;) You're welcome!