Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kolzig: Big Man, Big Shot

If you've had enough of the ridiculous stories that sometimes emerge here in the Cheap Seats, check out a great piece on Olie on There's no real purpose to it other than to spotlight the big guy and some of the behind-the-scenes action we love so much, but it's a fun read - something I'm sure we all need in these final nervous hours before puck drop.


JP said...

Jeez, CC - I saw the headline and thought he was getting his "big shot" tonight. Don't scare me like that. :)

CapsChick said...

Hey, it's all about the misdirection with me, you know that!

But admit it, you'd love to see Olie in there tonight. Wouldn't it be fun to see bitty Briere try and take out Zilla? It's worth a few soft goals just for the sheer entertainment value of then seeing Olie dropkick the midget into the stands, in my opinion. ;)