Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Caps Fans in the Spotlight

Last night's crowd drew more than a few raised eyebrows and it seems to be all anyone can talk about - every newspaper article, blog post and column will be talking about what transpired at the Phone Booth last night, and for good reason. A sellout crowd swathed in red and cheering on the home team as though it was Game 7 of the finals? Unheard of in most hockey cities, let alone in DC.

Two of these pieces in particular stand out for the way they truly captured the moment as it was for those of us who experienced it, either in person or watching at home. Must reads for any Caps fan immersing themselves in post-victory media for sure.

One comes courtesy of, a recap and yet more than that - it's a narrative of the game, a description of the passion that is here in DC yet unknown to most of the hockey world.

The other is local, a piece by Post sports' columnist Mike Wise that not only paints a loving picture of Ovechkin as the genuine superstar he is but also gives credit for the rebirth of the team and hockey fandom where credit is due. It's Ovechkin but it's so much more, from the coach to the guys who don't get the spotlight nearly as much. It's maybe something that doesn't get said enough but seeing it show up in the Post, just one of the many media outlets turning away from the Caps in recent years, makes it that much better.

Both seem to agree on one thing - last night's group of Verizon Center faithful was unlike anything we've seen around here in years. Let's repeat it on Thursday, shall we?

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