Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hero Time

Game 7 is a time for heroes, both expected and unexpected.

So who is it going to be?

You've got your usual suspects on both sides - your Ovechkins, your Semins...if you're pessimistic, your Brieres. But as is so often the case, it's not the big-name guys who become the story the day after a Game 7.

This series has had many unsung heroes who are due for a little spotlight, and the odds are just as good that any of them will step up to win it all for their team. Here are a few Caps who could be difference-makers in this all or nothing game:

- Matt Bradley: He's got speed, he's got grit, he's got the willingness to take the body - and he's able to fuel all of that into the occasional scoring chance. Bradley is one of those guys who has taken his play from the regular season, which was already at a pretty high level toward the end, and raised it up another notch. He is key in every game...how key will he be in Game 7?

- Brooks Laich: 21 goals in the regular season, a number of assists in the playoffs, and the usual 110% every night that we've come to expect. No goals, yet, though. Playing with Backstrom and Semin 5 on 5 and with Ovechkin, Fedorov and Green on the power play would indicate that your first inclination is to pass, not shoot, but he's had his chances - one could come tonight.

- Steve Eminger: In and out of the press box, in and out of trade rumors, in and out of favor with the team...and after all that he's here and playing some good, solid defense. He also got his first career playoff goal on a seemingly innocuous throw of the puck to the net, then two games later sprung Brooks Laich to kick off one of the prettiest passing plays of the series. If Emmy can get his offensive game going to match his defensive game, this could be an interesting night for #44.

- Eric Fehr: After missing most of the year with a mysterious back injury, Fehr has slowly gotten himself back into the swing of things. And every game of this series he has made strides, looking more and more like the threat he was projected to be when the Caps first drafted him. His willingness to go to the net combined with his skill and size could pay off tonight.

Who is your pick for potential hero?


Victor said...

I see you're not really working today, either :)

CapsChick said...

...is anyone?? ;) I'm pretty sure that whirring sound you heard about 2 hours ago was the collective brains of CapsNation shutting down.

Less than 3 hours to go!

Anonymous said...

This guy

Chris & Sarah said...

If this game goes to a shoot out, I'll pick Brads to be the hero of the game. :)

HabsFan29 said...

And Ovie ties it! im rooting for you capschick, even though i just commented to Nadine at flyers.femme the same thing. and i even though i think the Flyers are a better matchup for us than the Rangers. but im still rooting for you

Anonymous said...


usually frustrated caps fan said...

I think the answer was Martin Brion. Unfortunately.