Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Once More, Without Feeling

I’m running out of ways to say the same things after each Capitals loss, and frankly I’m tired of trying...hence the delay on discussing last night’s game.

Once again the Caps revealed their inconsistencies in a very uneven performance.

Once again goaltending and defense alternated between being solid and suspect.

Once again the team dug a hole in the first period that could not be overcome.

It wasn’t a particularly bad game by the Caps, but it wasn’t particularly good either. There were exciting moments, but they were far outnumbered by what seemed to be a pretty boring game overall. No one played particularly well, although I thought Sutherby and Gordon had good games, Clark's goal was very nice, and Brashear seemed to have a better game than Semin (but then who didn't?).

So the Caps drop another one on the road, their 6th straight away from DC, and will once again have to regroup and figure out what the heck is going on. Clearly whatever was said in the closed door, players-only meeting the other day didn’t quite do the trick or just hasn’t sunk in yet. They get one last chance to snap the road losing streak when they travel to Carolina tomorrow night before returning home for a Panthers rematch on Saturday...then there’s a nice long break to reflect on what is going right and more importantly, what is going wrong.

Whatever the problem, we can take solace in a few things – first of all, Florida also lost last night, saving us the embarrassment of falling to last place in the least for now. Secondly, despite their lackluster play of late, the Caps remain only 5 points out of the final playoff spot and are still very much alive in the race. And we all know how quickly a 5-point gap can be closed.

Of course, if they don’t make it, they don’t make it. I just hope they put up a fight until the very end.

(Oh, and that the Penguins don’t make it either. Nothing like a little schadenfreude to start your day, right?)

Best part of last night? Caps blogger viewing party, take two - back and better than ever! Good turnout this time around and excellent planning by our host with the most. It's always nice to put faces with blogs, and I think everyone had a good time despite the pitiful hockey game...which only further proves the old saying "misery loves company". It was great to meet all of you!

As for people I'd already met...meh. It was just okay :)

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FS said...

I'll take "It was just ok." I've been called a lot worse before.