Monday, January 15, 2007

Florida Not So Sunshine-y

Well, apparently the Caps missed me.

That's the only reason I can think of for what went down Saturday night. Because from what I've read and what I've heard, the team didn't even bother to show up for the game. You know it's a bad night when your team allows 54 shots and gives up 7 goals...and your goaltenders are the best players on the ice.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to you all for my absence. Who knew I had that kind of power? I mean, it's actually a little flattering. Of course, it would be more so if they could play consistently well when I am here...

But we mustn't, not today. Not on Rex Manning D-, er, Sunday. Because I've got the microscope out and I've found some silver lining - and from a game I didn't even see. Now that's talent!

- Matt Pettinger scored. Yay!!! I think we can all agree that no goals in 12 games for Petty just isn't going to cut it.

- Semin continues his goal-scoring streak with his 25th of the season, giving him 8 goals in his last 5 games. And someone can explain to me later exactly how he was overlooked for the All-Star Game...defense shmefense, the boy can score.

- With an assist on Clark's late power play marker, Ovechkin brings his point total up to 62 - that's only 4 behind league leader Crosby's 66, and the gap closes a wee bit more. Let's just say I'm counting the days until I can see Ovie's smiling face replace Sid the Kid's mug on

- With 7 goals allowed, no one on the team was more than a -2, and no one had less than ten minutes of ice time. Actually, I don't know if that's a silver lining as much as it is an indicator that the whole team was stinking it up pretty equally. Well, at least it says something about team unity...they certainly stick together in good times and bad.

Other assorted goodies from my inexcusable absence from CapsWorld:

- Brent Johnson was signed to a 2-year contract extension, which is a great move. Johnny has been a terrific back-up for Olie and has put together some performances this season that made people sit up and take notice. Glad to see he'll be sticking around for a while longer at least - he's well worth the money, especially if it means keeping some consistency in net for what remains a very young and inexperienced team.

Plus he and Olie are so cute together.

- Mike Green was named to the Young Stars Game in Dallas, showing that the powers-that-be aren't completely ignoring the Caps. Hey, maybe he'll pull that end-to-end goal that he whipped out against Colorado a few months back! It's not like he'll be asked to play defense or anything.

- Jaromir Jagr is not going to the All-Star Game. Neither is Darcy Tucker. I'll ignore the fact that Jagr asked not to go (whiny little primadonna), and I know Tucker is injured and probably can't go. The NHL actually did a good job this year - don't get me wrong, I don't love all the selections and there will always be people who are inexplicably left out (*cough* Semin *cough*), but it's hard to argue with most of the choices for once. Even if I do consider a good portion of the Eastern Conference team to be evil.

Gee, it's an odd feeling to have nothing to (*cough* Semin *cough* ) complain about.

Sorry about that - apparently my recent cold has affected my typing as well! That's so strange, I should really have that looked at...


Ken said...

Kolzig was one of the *worst* players on the ice on Saturday.

Shelby said...

Aww, we missed you! Good thing you're the Caps can inconsistantly do okay again! =]

I agree; I adore Johnny and I think he makes a great addition to the team overall. Plus, I'd hate to break up the adorable couple!

Oh, and according to my Dad, Semin can't play in the Young Stars game due to contract issues...something about a contract he had last year. I'm not sure of the details but I believe it's an ineligiblity thing.

CapsChick said...

Ken: Really? I had read otherwise. Thursday, on the other hand, was not his best moment. But 5 goals on 45+ shots doesn't sound so bad to me...I don't know, though, I didn't see it.

Shelby: Semin isn't eligible for the Young Stars game because he's no longer in his entry level contract, but he is eligible for the regular All-Star Game. It would have been nice to see him acknowledged that way, but what can you do :)

Capital Fanatic said...

So you're the one to blame. Hope you are watching Tuesday so the Caps can regain their winning form.