Saturday, January 06, 2007

Eyes on the Prize, Crow in the Mouth

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present an anomaly, a rarity, a creature the likes of which we've never seen before...

Someone who is not a Caps fan saying (sort of) nice things about the Caps!
(Okay, he lost a bet. But it still counts.)

Hop on over to Eyes on the Prize for the big payoff that just makes Thursday night's win that much sweeter! Feel free to comment to your hearts content - taunt, bait, mock, whatever you want. But remember, keep it clean. After all, this is all in good fun...and it could have just as easily been me on the losing end.

Also, what's that saying about throwing stones and glass houses? Or is it pots and kettles? I don't know, something along those lines. Let's just say that until we have a Stanley Cup banner hanging at the Phone Booth, we have not yet earned the right to be complete jackasses.

Just partial ones. So go nuts!

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