Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Celebrity in the HLOG

- If you're in the mood for some hockey and can't stand this week's festivities, or just want a little bit of fun to make that long Wednesday go by faster, be sure to stop by Hockey's Ladies of Greatness today. We are proud to present our first guest blogger, Deirdre Martin, who will be dropping in to the HLOG for a Q&A session.

(And when I say 'we', I mean Finny...I'm just along for the ride on this one!)

Martin is the bestselling author of a series of hockey-themed romance novels (come on, how do you not love that?) that center around the exploits of a fictional hockey team, the New York Blades. Her sixth book, Chasing Stanley, will be in stores next month and she has graciously agreed to field our questions on life, love, and of course, hockey.

So ladies (and gentlemen...hey, I'm not judging) be sure to stop by and check it out!

- For those of you who do like the All Star Game, how great was Greenie in the Young Stars game? Three assists, baby, not bad. Of course, the score was 9-8 so I'm guessing most guys had at least a point, but at least two of those assists were very nice passes from Mike. Now if he could only learn to stop turning over the puck so much...

That was a fun one to watch, though. I love any game where every person on the ice has a big grin on his face. And 17 goals in 30 minutes isn't too shabby as entertainment goes, either!

- As for our Ovie, it was a bit of a rough night for #8. I'm not even going to talk about how he was robbed in the fastest skater race...he certainly looked like he was flying, but what do I know. Then he's forced to go up against Luongo, the one goalie who seems to own Ovechkin - not once but twice!

I did like his new visor, though, and he seemed to be having a good time. I guess that's all that matters. Bah.

Don't worry, we'll see the real Ovechkin tomorrow night when he gets his game face on. You know he'll want to play well, and I'm going to predict that he'll get at least two goals - and throw the first body check of the night! (Would it be wrong if it was on Briere? Yeah...probably. But a girl can dream.)


Biff said...

If I heard correctly, Emerick stated that the only player in the game not to record a point was Evgeni Malkin. (And probably the goaltenders, but I can't be sure given the way the game was played.)

Capital Fanatic said...

All that matters is that Ovechkin looked stylish with that blue visor. I love it and hope he is allowed to wear it regularly.