Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Top of the Heap

Photo courtesy of Getty Images Look, Jeff Schultz hitting someone!

There you have it - first place in the division. Feels pretty good...


Shelby said...


Not only do we win AND we're first in the division, but someone besides Ovie scored!

CapsChick said...

THREE someones besides Ovie! That's like...three times as awesome!

Oh this feels so good.

DMG said...

First place AND Schultz hit someone?

I must be dreaming!

kristin said...

I feel happy that we didn't get owned by Ovie, yet I feel sad that the Flyers were made of suck tonight.

Congrats on the W, your boys played a great game!

(And...I finally got to see Ovie in person!! Is it my imagination, or is he prone to blowing snot rockets during warmups? It seemed like maybe he was having some mucous issues...)

CapsChick said...

Oh, now, Kristin, they weren't...that...bad. It just looked like it because the Caps played so well! ;)

I think a split of the season series is excellent, especially since you guys have been hot lately - plus it means we can still be friends (and pick on Sid together!).

Um, and yes, the snot rocket...thing. That's all Ovie, all the time. He does it during games, too, usually when the TV camera is getting a nice juicy closeup of him. *sigh* Boys are gross.

kristin said...

I dunno, the snot rocket thing is kinda funny. I just wondered if I was imagining it!

But really, were the Flyers bad? Or were the Caps good? I was at the game down low and sometimes it is hard to tell. To me, it seemed like we sucked and y'all were great, especially defensively....

Also, if you wanna see some funny pictures from warmups, they are on my flickr page

(No snot rocket pictures, I swear!)

CapsChick said...

It IS funny, just...ick.

Hmm, were the Flyers bad or were the Caps good. That seems like a "chicken or the egg" sort of thing to me, I don't know about you. I did think the Caps played very well, so I'll agree on that point!

Your pictures are excellent by the way!! I love the one of Ovie and Nicky especially, but all 5 were wonderful.

I'm also curious to know what you thought of that non-goal - we got a pretty good explanation of why it was no goal here (and a better one if you read the rule book) but I just wondered what you thought, having been there.

DS said...

Gee, CC, you do realize which team you'd be playing in the playoff if they started RIGHT NOW....


And no Sid to pick on, either!

(Worst to first in the division feels pretty good, doesn't it?)

kristin said...

CC, as far as the no goal, I wasn't particularly surprised by the call. No explanation was given at the game, but when I got home and heard the explanation, it sorta made sense.

I wasn't particularly angered by the call either...I must have been beaten into submission by that point! (although it didn't keep me from booing/cursing the officials, but that's more of a programmed response...)

CapsChick said...

DS: Oh, god. I...hadn't even noticed that. Luckily for us, the playoffs DON'T start tomorrow so we're good! I'm pulling for the Habs to overtake the Sens and knock THEM down to 6th. (Caps fans, think happy thoughts, happy thoughts...go to your safe place.)

Kristin: I actually thought it should have been a goal too but I read the rules on it and I guess not. But I can understand the booing/cursing thing - been there, done that ;) Oh man. If I'd been in Columbus last night? McCreary would have gotten an earful from me for sure.

Elly said...

Wow, crazy! This really cuts down on the amount of Capitals digs I can get in now.

And don't think I don't see the rest of you commentors, picking on poor, broken Sidney as he sits in the press boxs and drinks Evian! Teasing the injured, for shame! ;)

What a time to be a Caps fan, I'm happy for you, CC!

CapsChick said...

Wow, and you said that without gagging! Or...I'm going to assume you did, just for today ;)

DS is one of your fellow Pens fans, by the way - you guys can get together and giggle about how Ovie's only winning the scoring race because poor Sid is injured and the Penguins will sweep the Caps in any playoff series and blah blah blah.

(Do you like how I just made you totally snarky in my head even after that genuinely nice comment you just left? It's a gift :P)