Friday, February 15, 2008

Sunshine (State) Day

Florida? Again? Really?

Somehow playing the Cats always brings out the inner child in me, and not in a good way...more in the whiny, cranky, "but I don't WANNA!" kind of way. Whether it's the staggeringly boring games we've traditionally been treated to or the fact that the Panthers continue to somewhat have our number, it's hard to tell. But I do feel a bit of a temper tantrum coming on.

So tonight the Caps need a win. There, that's your preview - they need to win and they'll have to do it with a shortened bench, as Tom Poti became the latest blueline casualty Wednesday night and is day-to-day with a lower body injury.

The good news? Sami Lepisto has been recalled (for real this time) and I for one am very excited to see how he does. Sami's generating a lot of interest these days up in Hershey and after a whiff of a cup of coffee with the club on Tuesday he gets his shot at NHL game numero uno. If he gets into the game, keep an eye out for #42 - that may be the most exciting part of the night.

Also, continued best wishes go out to Richard Zednik, who continues to improve daily from that horrific incident earlier this week. It wouldn't be right to go into Florida and not mention him...get well soon, Zed.

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