Saturday, February 02, 2008

Empty Cheap Seats

If you haven't noticed already, posting has been sporadic (read: nonexistent) around here lately, due to some out of town visitors in the Cheap Seats who require full attention. We'll resume our regularly scheduled programming Sunday - until then, here's a quick rundown of what's new in CapsWorld:

- The Caps blow a three goal lead Thursday night and still manage to win it in a nailbiter of an overtime. If nothing else, they make it interesting...

- That Ovechkin kid's got a real future in hockey.

- Alex + broken nose = a 5 point night??

- Dozens of kids attended practice yesterday and could be seen cheering and screaming excitedly as a few of the Caps graciously signed autograph after autograph. I give you the next generation of Caps fans, folks!

- Atlanta comes to town tonight but Mr. Potato Head rules the day.

(By the way...I want one. Seriously, if anyone wants to send me one I would love it. Otherwise I have to go track down a kid of some sort and that could get messy.)

The resemblance is striking...


Shelby said...

There's actually a Detroit Mr. Potato Head on I'm hoping they have ones for all of the teams up soon.

I mean, come on. They come with mullets. Mullets!

DMG said...

That's great about the kids at practice. I think it's indicative of something very important right now: with the Capitals winning and Green, Ovechkin, Backstrom and Semin playing such an exciting style it's starting get really fun to be a Caps fan.

Elly said... know, I always thought Ovechkin looked like Mr. Potato Head.. ;)

Maal said...

For what it's worth, it also came with a GRRRRRR face, with no missing teeth. I guess that's um... hm. Steve? HAHAHAHAH I KILL ME. But they are VERY cute. I bet you can get one on eBay.