Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blown Away

This just about says it all, doesn't it?
First, the good news. Alex Ovechkin's point scoring drought is officially over as he racked up three assists. With Malkin being held off the scoreboard earlier today, that brings him back within one of the scoring race.

Now onto the bad news. Where should we start...

Well, it was a loss, first of all. To Carolina. Which drops the Caps down to six points behind the Canes after sharing the division lead just a few days ago. And Ovechkin's goal-scoring drought stretches to four games. Plus the penalty killing...has looked better.

Okay, so there have been better games - but there will be no more dwelling on this one, because it's over and done and nothing can bring those two points back. The Caps know what they did wrong (hint: everything). Now it's time to reset, rest up and get ready for tomorrow's matinee against the flaming hot New Jersey Devils.

We're going previewless this weekend as part of an ongoing experiment to see the effects of...nah, screw it, I'm just lazy. Open thread tomorrow, hope everyone is getting out to see what I'm sure will be a thrilling game against the Devils.

No, no, I'm being totally serious. I swear. Really.

Photo courtesy of AP


D.C One Timer said...

the worst part...a tough road ahead...NJ-MINN-NJ...not only good teams but BORING teams...oh yea by the way-I hate john erskinse :)

Chris & Sarah said...

It wasn't fun to watch in person. Sucked actually. They just seemed to be deflated in the 3rd. Too many penalties (both stupid and bogus ones).

CC: Check out our blog for shots from the game

Dan, Jr. said...

I thought the Cap's looked pretty decent for the first twelve minutes of the game. After that, most of the defense seemed to think it would be a good idea to screen their own goalie, or just let the 'canes take over a 20' radius around the net.

dmg said...

This just about says it all, doesn't it?

No, you need the picture with Erskine in it too - in front of the net for three Canes goals and was responsible for two of them.