Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Game Over" Strikes Again

Well, that was a hell of a thrilling way for the Caps to steal two points from the jaws of defeat, wasn't it?

Three things of note about this one:

1) That was a textbook road game by the know, up until the last minute penalty that hung over into overtime and the failure to put any pressure on Mike Green. Other than that, though, it was a dirty, nasty, clogging up the center, sucking the life out of the home team (and fairly sizable home crowd), mucking it up along the boards game for the Blueshirts. Call a spade a spade, the Caps stole two points today.

...anyone complaining? No. They can't all be gems, a win is a win, and the two points move the Caps back into first place. I'll take it for sure.

2) Olie Kolzig celebrated his 700th NHL game with a spectacular performance, earning his 296th win to tie Ron Hextall on the all-time wins list. That was just old-school Godzilla. Welcome back, big guy. (And watch those clearing attempts, no need to add to your PIMs.)

3) Jagr is pointless...we'll leave it there, make up your own jokes.

So a thrilling end to a rather dull looking game for the Caps slides them back on top of the Southeast, and again we add...for now. 'For now' will be the motto until this team opens up a significant lead in the division, and it can be done, as four of the next five games are against division opponents. Perfect time for the Caps to get on that roll we've all been waiting for, isn't it?

By the way if anyone is keeping track, today's win puts the Caps' streak at 36 games without losing back to back in regulation and counting - an amazing feat.
All photos courtesy of AP


Anonymous said...

I think its 36 games, not 31.

CapsChick said...

Ah, you're right, thanks...I was counting from the wrong point.

Carol in NoVa said...

I'm enjoying Mike Green having the same number of goals as pointless Jagr.