Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nylander Injured

And the curse of the Capitals 2007-08 season continues.

Nylander is out with my very favorite type of injury, the undisclosed kind - no word on the severity or the type or the length of time he'll be out for, but he definitely won't be in the lineup for the Caps' first visit to Prudential Center tomorrow night.

So now the question becomes, as it always does, who steps up? In the past the answer eternally seemed to be: nobody.

But this is supposedly a new season, with a new bench boss in charge, and he doesn't seem like the type of guy to let this team get away with anything. Hopefully one more injury won't derail this team from what has been greatly improved play.


Anonymous said...

You do realize you may be shooting yourself in the foot in attempt to see Benny Clymer play...... word on the street is he's the one getting the hairy eyeball to make the DC trip, as Bourque's out with head issues.

Chris & Sarah said...

My prediction is that everyone steps up, resulting in such a confusion because everyone calls for the puck,cuts endless figure 8's and triple sowcows, and forgets to shoot at the net.

In the end, even the Devil's will be so confused trying to adjust to 18 Nylanders, one Ovetchkin and one Backstrom that the puck accidentally gets by Smart Marty and we win with 0.0001 seconds left on the clock (only after an hour long goal review to determine if the green light (not white like locker seems to see) went on.