Wednesday, December 05, 2007

8 Crazy Nights

Happy Hannukah, kids! Spin those dreidels, eat some latkes, light the candles, make like the Maccabees and discover unknown uses for oil...(make your own joke there, we're a family-friendly blog.)

We've got a few more days to kill before the Caps are back in action, so live it up!

And remember:

Special thanks to Petra for her lovely work transforming this from a funny "Baby Jesus" joke to a somewhat nonsensical tribe-friendly quip at my request.


Chris & Sarah said...

Happy Hannukah CC!!!!

CapsChick said...

Thanks kids! :P

kaat said...

Happy Hannukah! C-A-P-S ... Caps! Caps! Caps! ;-)

CapsChick said...

WOW. That's one of the best presents ever, a Thrashers fan doing a Caps cheer!! :P

DS said...

The Pens will think of you every time they light the lamp or Sid spins like a dreidel, CC! ;)

"Here's a little story...about a hockey team...who might just win the Stanley Cup...but only in their dreams!"

Wait, we don't play the Caps or Ottawa till after Hanukkah!