Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fear the Mullet

A Caps overtime win...isn't it a lovely thing? Almost as lovely as Donald's new 'do.

Happy '80s night!


Dan, Jr. said...

Brash always seems to have fun with these sort of things. Good to see the big guy's got a sense of humor.

PaV said...

CC ~~ sounds like a crazy game. We were watching the ticker while watching the Ottawa game. Good for the CAPS. Going to check out the hi-lights in a few minutes. Apparently you have a mullet? Where are the pics? :P

Maal said...

I totally put your pic on the ol' blog with linkie back to you :-D

Also hi! Love you!!

Shelby said...

AHH. That's amazing. I words. Brash rocks my world.