Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Interim No More

Per the Caps website, Bruce Boudreau has officially been named the head coach.

McPhee has said that there was no timeline for them to find an official coach, but I think we every game we could see that Boudreau was "interim" in name only. This is a fantastic move by the organization and anyone who questions making an AHL coach into an NHL coach only has to look at the long list of distinguished NHL coaches, current and past, who got their start in the minors.

Congrats to Bruce - now let's see the Caps give him his first OFFICIAL win!


PaV said...

HG & I watched a TSN special on him. He seems like such a nice genuine nice guy. It was nice to see.

PaV said...

ummmm not sure if I could have used 'nice' anymore than I did. Can we blame it on the booze?

CapsChick said...

He is a nice genuine nice guy - and I bet if you had tried nicely you could have made a nice effort to use the nice word 'nice' more times. Nice. ;)

PaV said...

CC ~ thanks :P brat. Like I said, lets blame it on the booze.

Caught some of the CAPS game hi-lights on 'NHL on the fly'

Looks like they pulled out a good win. A lucky bounce on the winning goal! :P

SENS won too! YAY!!!

Victor said...

I'm upset the Verizon Center folks played "Cotton-Eyed Joe" for the dance cam.