Thursday, February 01, 2007

We Made a Trade!

I'm sooooo behind on this breaking news story. Darn this working for a living thing - I can only post so often, people!

So as reported by the Caps website, Mike Vogel, the Post, every sports media outlet plugged in to the AP feed and every other Caps blogger (including our newest blogger, who originally alerted me to the goings-on...thanks, newbie!) the Washington Capitals have traded a conditional draft pick for defenseman Milan Jurcina of the Boston Bruins.

Don't know a whole lot about him but the name sounds vaguely familiar. Of course, that may be a product of trying to create a nickname for him at some point.

Darn it all, now I have to do that for every game! Suggestions welcome, by the way...

This is a good move - it's nice to see some of those draft picks we've been stockpiling turn into an actual human being. Worst case, he just falls into step with the slumping defense we already have. Better case, he serves as a reliable stop gap through the end of the year, puts in a few goals, kicks the overall team +/- up a notch.

Best case? Well, best case would be having him come here and defy all expectations, bust his butt every night, and provide that final push for the Caps to make the postseason.

I wouldn't hold your breath for that last one. Still, I have nothing bad to say about this move - I expect we'll see him at some point on this short road trip, so I'll hold all judgements until further notice.

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