Thursday, February 08, 2007


I must be getting senile. That's the only reason I can think of for leaving out the best part of Tuesday's game!

Well, maybe not the best part. Just the funniest. To me.

So Ben Clymer is out on the ice for what I believe was his first shift against the Bruins, and his line generates a scoring chance. A scuffle ensues behind the net and Clymer is escorted to the penalty box, as is his Bruins counterpart, for roughing. Their teammates bring them their equipment, congratulate them, etc.

Play resumes, and all of a sudden I see something black flying through the air from the Caps penalty box, over the announcer and timekeeper, and into the Bruins penalty box. It is followed by another black object - it turns out to be the Bruins' player's gloves. Then Clymer's gloves go flying through the air in the other direction. Hilarious, right?

But wait, there's more.

So it's later in the period - Clymer picks up a fighting major and returns to the penalty box. I jokingly am thinking to myself, "hope you grabbed the right equipment this time, Benny" when lo and behold...another glove goes flying. I honestly think at this point the entire section was just staring at the penalty box instead of the game, waiting for another glove. It never came.

If you were sitting in between the penalty boxes, wouldn't you be scared of what might come flying over you next, just inches from your head? A stick maybe? Helmet? Shoulder Pads?

I don't know, it just made me laugh - thought I should share. All part of the fun of sitting in section 111...even with dumb and dumber sitting behind me :)


hockeygirl said...

That sounds hilarious. Oh Benny!

Victor said...

My gf tells a story of two players sent to the box at the Cap Center for fighting. They were kinda jawing as they were led to the box; as play resumed, one of the players stood up on the bench and started yelling at the other player: "Hey! HEY! How's your mom?"

The off-ice officials start looking nervous as the other player stands up. "She's doing great! Tell your mom I said "Hi!"

First guy replies, "I will...hey, I heard your sister got married!" and so on...for the entire time they were in the box.

CapsChick said...

Ha! That's hilarious...I always find it entertaining when I see guys being friendly on and/or off the ice, but that's definitely a new one!

It all takes me back to the Caps-Bruins brawl years ago when Olie and Byron Dafoe "fought" at center ice. Classic. :)