Monday, October 30, 2006

Do the Shuffle

Please disregard anything in my previous post regarding tonight's projected lineups for the Caps; they were based on Vogel's gameday preview, which I'm guessing is written the night before. Nothing like a last minute scramble for a blogger...

Check out the updated lineups for tonight, straight from the horse's mouth. If this information is in fact true, I am a much happier little Caps fan.

Some thoughts:
- Eminger is taking a seat tonight and Heward is back in - thank god. Not that I don't love Emmy, because I do; he's going to be really good really soon, but so far he's been mediocre at best. A night off might kick his butt a little and get him to play like I know he can. Clymer will play with Heward - that's two very good shots from the point, for those of you keeping track at home...
- According to Hanlon, Muir had his best night on Saturday against Edmonton. Looking back, I guess that's true. Other than his penalty early in the first period, I didn't find myself muttering "&*%$# Muir!" throughout the game...always a good sign.
- Brooks Laich with Sutherby and Bradley looks like the second incarnation of the now defunct CBS line. Brooks plays a pretty similar style to Clymer with maybe a little more finesse. Should be a fun line to watch.
- The Zednik shuffle continues - he's now on the fourth line with Brashear and Gordon. This seems like a strange line, kind of a compilation of players that don't seem to have a defined place yet.
- Beech with Semin and Pettinger could be interesting - it has a nice balance of flash and grit that could create some offense and start another streak for Alex 2.0. I'd expect some good chances off the faceoff, with Beech winning over 50% of his draws, Pettinger mucking it up to get Sasha the puck, and Semin firing a seeing-eye shot from anywhere.
- Sad to see Rico in the stands tonight, and it's not just because of my undying love for him. He's actually played really well this season. I guess someone has to sit out when the team is healthy.

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