Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Game?

"We've just got to put this game ... throw it in the trash and not let it linger."
- Olie Kolzig

"That might have been the result of the past couple of games where we were fortunate enough to win, but got out-played for the most part."
- Matt Cooke

"I just think we had a real stinker."
- Bruce Boudreau

Consensus? This game stunk. From beginning to end it had us wishing it wasn't televised, had us toying with the idea of actually turning a game off before it's completion, had us writing recaps before the game was even complete. There was no sign of a comeback, no spark, no urgency whatsoever. There was no Montreal-esque comeback in sight, let alone a Buffalo one (6 goals in the third period, what a bunch of moronic show offs).

The other consensus seems to be that we need to put this one behind us - all of us, fans, players and coaching staff alike. This isn't a game you are going to record and rewatch, nor is it one the boys are going to break down all that much. They know what they did wrong, and it was everything, and they don't need a videotape to tell them that.

So I'm suggesting a kind of forced selective amnesia, aided by watching some real hockey that will chase away the demons. Check out highlights from the 10-2 win a few weeks ago or the 4-0 shutout versus the Devils. If you're really in need of a jolt go back and watch the entire film of last year's 7-1 drubbing of the Lightning or the 5-2 win over the Canes.

If nothing else those will remind you that the Caps can win and can do it against their own division, something important to remember as we head into the final 7 games of Southeast-palooza.

Game? What game? I remember nothing.

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