Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If Petty Says

Add former Cap Matt Pettinger to the growing list of people who thinks Ovechkin should earn the Hart Trophy this year:

"I haven't seen Iginla play this year -- I know what his numbers are --but (Ovechkin) scoring 60 goals and carrying his team, I don't know without him where Washington would be. The way he ignites the teams and ignites the fans, it's tough to go against him."
Now that we've heard from Petty I know what you're all thinking...CapsChick, you're a brilliant analyst and observer of hockey - who do you think should be the league's MVP?

You're all far too kind, really. As for my opinion, we'll revisit that subject another time. Nothing like adding something to an already oversatiated discussion, weeks after most of the hockey world has already weighed in, right?

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