Thursday, March 20, 2008

Panthers on the Prowl

If there is one team worthy of drawing ire from the Caps and from the rest of the Eastern Conference, it's the Florida Panthers. It's just so annoying - they don't seem to realize the season has started until March, when they suddenly find another level to their game and not only play spoiler but put the fear of god into whatever teams may lie ahead of them.

The last time the Panthers went to the playoffs was the 1999-2000 season. In the last three years, though, they've gone on a tear to change that yet always seem to come up short.

In 2006 Florida, after playing well under .500 for most of the year, went on a hot streak to close out the season. They won 11 of 13 after the Olympic break and then went 3-0-2 in their last five games. The next year the obnoxious Cats were back, going 11-5-3 in their last 19 games, missing the playoffs by just five points.

And now this season. The Panthers have been on an inexplicable streak, winning seven straight before finally succumbing to the Hurricanes tonight in the shootout (yet another three point game, thanks Carolina). Caps fans everywhere have to hope that this trend of falling just short continues for the Panthers, as we have two games remaining against Florida and sit just one point ahead.

Florida - the pesky gnat of a team that just won't die.

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