Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bruised Bruins

Reports out of Beantown have winger Chuck Kobasew out of the lineup for 4-8 weeks with a broken leg, an injury which continues to ratchet up the number of bruised and battered for the Bruins. He'll join Marc Savard, out with a cracked bone in his back, and probably defenseman Andrew Ference, out with a leg injury, on the sidelines for tonight's game against the Leafs.

Remember two things.

One, the Hurricanes have no less than 378 guys out of their lineup with injuries and have still all but clinched the Southeast Division, so injuries can mean nothing.

And two...karmic retribution can be harsh, so watch the giggling.


Chris & Sarah said...

You sure it's 378 guys with injuries in Carolina?

I think you may be reading something wrong. Could be the B's stats you were reading.

I'd hate to be the HR administrator for either team, having to deal with all the medical insurance processing. Our's is bad enough.

Chris & Sarah said...

Sure as heck didn't play like they were banged up. Grrrrrrr.