Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Win and More Waiting

One would expect that a game against a team like the Avs, with whom the Caps have little history, would be boring and lifeless.

Well...yeah, okay, it kind of was.

But aside from that, tonight's game was all about goaltending. Theodore vs. Kolzig, two former Vezina trophy winners going head to head - and as much as we've picked on Olie in the past few weeks, he's really been playing well these last few games and matched Jose save for save tonight. He made some fantastic saves despite the low shot count and was a big reason the Caps held on to win, particularly when the Avs were buzzing late in the game.

Not much to talk about in this one. The Caps were unable to connect with the extra man but killed off the Colorado power plays. They got 23 shots on goal and allowed 19. Laich's goal was nice and Steckel's was...odd. It was a lesson in good goaltending and a demonstration of perfect trapping mentality on both sides, which in combination can be like the hockey equivalent of Nyquil.

On to...nothing. The Caps are off until Sunday, when the lovely Flyers make their final visit of the year to Verizon Center. When your team is all banged up, usually you pray to the scheduling gods for mercy like the sort we're seeing right now. One game in seven days is a perfect way to rest your walking wounded - but when the team is winning in spite of it, you have to think a long break isn't so great. Hopefully we'll get some of the injured boys back and we can start making a real push.

And if anyone is keeping an eye on the standings, should the Leafs fall to Anaheim tonight (as they're well on their way to doing) the Caps leap over them and into 13th place. Little baby steps...

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DMG said...

Leafs lost

I knew that if I just kept hounding Olie he'd turn it around and shut me up! (credit where credit's due, he was my first star)

Baby steps maybe, but the Caps are 4 out of playoff spot and 7 out of the division lead with 2 in hand so although they're still only 13th in the conference they're pretty much on the verge.