Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quote of the Night

From this guy right here:

"With my track record, I never think shutout."
-- Olie Kolzig

That's the self-deprecating goalie we all know and love.


Victor said...

That close to his 36th? I didn't realize he had so many.

I remember his first, in his backup days at the Cap Centre against Phoenix. I remember neither the score nor the date, but I remember turning to the gf after the game and remarking, "I think that was his first shutout."

WFY said...

"With my track record, I never think shutout."

Neither do I which is why I so relieved when the Caps got goal #2.

VACapsFan said...

Not to sound to negative, but It's time Olie is demoted to be the backup. He just doesn't play to the level needed anymore and lets in way to many easy goals. I am tired of hearing after every 5-3 loss that Olie played great , but the team just didnt help him enough. I love the guy but come on this is the NHL and your payed to WIN games not just play hard.