Friday, January 18, 2008

Matt Bradley: The "It" Man

Quotes of the night, courtesy of the eternally quotable Matt Bradley:

"I told him, 'I'll score, let me go. I don't think either of us actually believed what I was saying."

"I was hoping I got to go before (backup goalie) Brent Johnson went. I figured if I can go before him, I'll be doing OK."

And one from the Coach for good measure:
"He just said, 'I'm going to score, put me out there,' and he jumped over the board and he went in. He told me, he didn't ask."


Kim said...

There is just something about Matt Bradley this year that makes me smile. I've always liked him, but he is really fitting into his role. And now we have a Shootout Secret Weapon. Who knew?

I was so happy for Olie.

Gordon played well, but I was a little surprised that someone else didn't get the first star last night.

Shelby said...

That was an exciting game and really great shootout win from Brads. The quotes are adorable too. Its good to see him get some recognition when he hasn't gotten as much as he deserves so far.

Olie was also kicking butt and taking names, which is nice, especially after the little retirement uproar.

Did I just miss all of Gordo's stellar work yesterday? He played great, but I'm not sure why he was first in the shootout. I agree with Kim as well.

How much did you love Laich's attempted move in the shootout? Very cool. =]

usually frustrated caps fan said...