Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Predictions Revealed

Here we go, my predictions, put together with absolutely no help from my devoted readers...thanks guys.

Total # of goals scored by the Habs over the 2 games: 5
(if I say 4 of them will be on the power play, do I get extra points?)
Total # of goals scored by the Caps over the 2 games: 8

Total # of goals scored by Ovie over the 2 games: 2
Total # of goals scored by Kovy over the 2 games: 1

Winner of Tuesday night game: Habs
Winner of Thursday night game: Caps

Pick one person from the Habs who will get into a fight: Steve Begin
Pick one person from the Caps who will get into a fight: John Erskine

Check out the picks of my worthy competitors and my partner in crime - mocking is not only allowed but highly encouraged. And of course if anyone is up for a little trash-talking session tonight, the comments are open and at your disposal.


HabsFan29 said...

I like your Habs / Caps split of the winners. That's gonna give you this contest right there!

Shmee said...

Nice! I would love to see Erskine throw his weight around.

CapsChick said...

habsfan29: I'm a shameless panderer, what can I say? I haven't decided yet if it's because I'm too wishy-washy to predict a sweep or I just have such little faith that my team can win tonight. Tricky.

shmee: Me too! Although I did have seats up close and personal to that beating Brash handed out against the Habs last year and he could very well drop 'em as well...but I'll stick with the Caveman for the win!

DMG said...

wow, your picks were exactly the same as mine, except I picked Kostopolous to get in a scrap for the Habs...great minds clealy thinks alike (except with regards to Olie Kolzig....)

Shmee said...

Hmmm, I guess if anyone on the Habs is going to fight, its going to be Kosto.

Anonymous said...

So, you totally jinxed the game from the beginning with those predictions chick. We need positive vibes, please. No more jinxing!!!

CapsChick said...

I'm sorry!! I swear, sometimes I don't know my own powers ;)

...of course, you know this means we're now going to win 8-1 on Thursday, right? I'm okay with that.

wittcap said...

I hope you're right about the 8-1 on Thursday, would love another 2lbs of free wings from Austin Grill. And I also hope we saw the Caps next goalie in free agent to be Cristobal Huet...